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Les Loges restaurant

May 20, 2019

The starred table of Cour des Loges

Silk fabrics, round tables dressed in taffeta, crockery from the famous Coquet house: a romantic Venetian atmosphere blows over the gastronomic restaurant Les Loges. This inspired and creative table is located in the heart of an inner courtyard, paved with marble and topped by a spectacular contemporary glass roof. In this warm, dimly lit setting, the talented chef Anthony Bonnet expresses himself in a refined cuisine.


imagine a unique, surprising, majestic place... A place of the past but of great modernity, a place that tells a story: that of Old Lyon, of its traboules and its silk workers, of a tangle of courtyards, corridors and staircases in which it was easy to get lost and disappear. Imagine a hotel, sculpted in stone, punctuated with French ceilings, stair towers, Roman columns, Florentine galleries, mullioned windows and intimate courtyards... It is in this spectacular setting, in the middle of the inner Florentine courtyard paved with marble and topped by a spectacular 17-metre high contemporary glass roof, that the starred chef Anthony Bonnet and his teams offer a daring and creative cuisine centred around the product and punctuated by the seasons. From the place to the plate, Cour des Loges offers you a real invitation to travel for a unique experience


Passionate about the product, chef Anthony Bonnet puts taste at the heart of his creativity. The Molières farm for the sheep's cheese, the 200-year-old abbé rozier farm, certified organic for vegetables, Jérôme Ollagnier for the farm pigeon, a 100% traditional breeding operation located in Châteauneuf, renaud Suquet for small spelt and old varieties of wheat, nicolas Gauthier for the crayfish from the Camargue and olivier Metzger for the matured carcasses, Anthony Bonnet takes the best from each of them.


He leaves nothing to chance when it comes to working with the products and making them sublime, combining spices and condiments, improving and pushing technical knowledge further in the service of the product and its flavours. here, no pre-cut pieces of meat... Anthony Bonnet works on rigorously selected whole carcasses. "It is by detailing the pieces that we can have an intimate contact, judge the texture of the meat, smell its smell. If I were given rib steaks, fillets, nuts, already prepared, I would find it difficult to imagine a follow-up, an accompaniment, an agreement, a recipe... If I don't have my trimmings at the end of the cutting process, how can I make my juices and stocks? Because Anthony Bonnet does not throw anything away. He works with the product in its entirety and above all respects it. He works the product in its entirety and above all respects it. Lamb is thus available as braised shoulder, roasted saddle and sweetbreads, duck as roast chest and confit legs...

To this base of flavours is added a sensitivity to the seasons... "What always delights me is the encounter with new products. I feel, I sniff, I weigh, I crunch... That's where the first emotion comes from. Inspiration is directly linked to the season. You can't decide anything without observing what the moment offers you, the present moment.

Although he remains above all attached to French gastronomy, Anthony Bonnet does not hesitate to go off the beaten track, but always with respect for tastes and textures. He plays with acid and bitterness, likes to work with condiments and spices to make you travel with each bite, dares to bring in fruit while avoiding the sweet and sour side, and asks questions by using berries to provoke emotions... The foie gras gently rises in temperature in an orange, the Mediterranean prawns are associated with the Mara des Bois, the fruits are combined with vegetables, the tomato is candied in a fig leaf to bring a depth of flavour and the traditionally reared squab, a true signature product, is available all year round in respect of the seasons. Worked with elderflower and fennel, bergamot honey and salt crystals, even the lump of farm butter presented whole does not escape the rule... A real sense of the product and a creativity that can also be found in the desserts. Anthony Bonnet plays with fruit, spices and chocolate, proposing ephemeral desserts that he wants to be light and not too sweet.

Family values, memories, encounters, emotions, sensations, smells, and an increased knowledge of the products are here at the service of originality, elegance and above all taste. Anthony Bonnet's cuisine tells meaningful stories, surprises and takes you on a journey to the heart of a timeless fairytale court.

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