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Bar Cour des Loges

May 8, 2019

Behind the counter of the Cour des Loges bar, our head bartender prepares with virtuosity drinks whose name is an invitation to pleasure. In a warm atmosphere and refined decor, she juggles with her shaker, making the evening a special moment. Hundreds of recipes in his head, without ever hesitating, he makes a Tequila Sunrise, a Mojito, a Lord Byron... His cocktails are original and innovative, don't try to find out more; some of his recipes are kept top secret! His long drinks favour lightness, lively hooks, refreshing cascades with multiple combinations of alcohol, lime and ice, sparkling with the ultimate notes of soda or sparkling water. The bar menu offers a fine selection of alcoholic beverages, designed to delight the most discerning connoisseurs: champagne, cognac, rum, single malt, armagnac... The labels on the impeccably arranged bottles of wine speak of vintages, grape varieties, appellations and crus. They make you want to explore new sensations. To be enjoyed in moderation, comfortably seated on the armchairs of the two cosy lounges, with a retro look, all accompanied by sweet and savoury verrines. Cigar lovers will appreciate the selection of rings kept in the humidor and the smoking room fitted out for them. A very popular place for lovers of good things.


In a shaker, pour 4cl of Grey Goose (vodka), 1cl of Kailua (caffeine liqueur), 1cl of Bailey's (Irish whiskey liqueur), 3cl of espresso, shaking well to create a nice foam in a cocktail glass.

Decorate with cocoa powder on top just before serving.


Preparation direction in a templer: ¾ of a lime at the bottom of the glass, a spoonful of brown sugar, 1cl of cane sugar syrup, a few drops of angostura bitter, crush it all together to form the pre-mix at the bottom of the glass. Take two nice fresh mint stems, break them in your hand to release the aromas, dip the mint into the pre-mix at the bottom of the glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice, add 3cl of green Chartreuse, complete with soda, stir well to homogenise everything.

Decorate with a lime peel and the end of a mint stem.


Prepare directly in a large Old Fashioned glass. Cut a 2.5cm slice from a fresh cucumber, remove the skin to keep only the flesh, cut into 4 and mash the cucumber in the bottom of the glass to obtain a puree. Add 1.5cl of lime juice, 1cl of cane sugar syrup, 4cl of Hendrick's (Scottish Gin), 1.5cl of St Germain (elderberry liqueur). Fill the glass with large ice cubes, top up with the soda, stirring well to keep the cucumber puree suspended on the ice cubes.

Decorate with the skin of the cucumber used at the beginning and two quarters of lime. Serve with a large straw.

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